Enjoy our Agency services to discover all the benefits of a professionally organized Engagement Proposal:

  • we represent a safe guidance: coming to Rome from abroad, it is not easy to coordinate a DIY Proposal in so big and busy city;
  • save time: we already know where to go, what to ask, who to include and how to move for a perfect, smooth result. No stress around: just focus on how much special your fiancé is and how you are the happiest man ever with her!
  • maximize the budget: through our vendors’ prices, negotiated in exclusive for our Agency, we can place best offers than on the regular market, in line with your budget and your fiancé wishes. Our vendors are the “crème de la crème” in Rome!
  • live a unique experience that meet all your requests, without any effort. Feel free to talk with us about all your preferences and we will turn them into a wonderful reality!

Alessia Deiana Alexander Riger


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