There is nothing more romantic than a perfect Elopement to celebrate your pure Love.

Rome is an incredible place where to elope: from a traditional Wedding Ceremony until a very eclectic one, enjoy the feeling to live an intimate celebration with your partner, exactly in the style you wish!

It is really sensational to think about a bride and a groom that decide to have a very private and dreamy Wedding abroad, looking into each other eyes with the wonderful background of the Eternal City.

Discover how many pros has to be just the two of you:

– an amazing elopement will help you to keep the focus on your love-story, without the distractions of a long preparation;

– feeling that a huge reception is not what you really wish? A reserved elopement is the best solution!;

– eloping to Italy is considered original and unconventional: be different! You will have all the time to celebrate with the family and friends, in more classic style;

– you can easily combine elopement and honeymoon: you are already travelling abroad;

– you will keep incredible memories of your experience: imagine the pictures that you are going to have!;

– a “just us two” elopement is much more spontaneous, because you do not have to act/to include some services to satisfy someone else’s taste;

– eloping is also a good way to save money, while having a customized Ceremony during the vacation;

– it is faster to plan: we do not need a year, but some weeks (or some days of advantage for the Symbolic Ceremonies) to put together an unforgettable event.

Elope to Rome may sound a bit crazy, exciting and inspiring at the same time: we can help you to realize a perfect elopement even in a small amount of time.

Agency “Alessia & Alexander Italian Wedding Planner in Rome” helps every year couples from all over the world to crown the desire to elope to Rome (or to another WOW Italian spot as in Tuscany, Sardinia, Amalfi Coast, Venice, Verona etc…). A detailed schedule will be the best way to live perfect Italian days while becoming Mr. and Mrs. 🙂

Eloping express the true meaning of a passionate relation: we can arrange it simple and intimate or luxury and lavish, but we are sure that your event will always be rich of extraordinary, flawless emotions.

Fill your hearts with the magical of a timeless Roman elopement: we will be pleased to be your “Elopement Planners” to propose the finest selections of our stunning city!

Alessia Deiana Alexander Riger


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