When did you start to work in the Wedding sphere?

We work in the Wedding sphere since 2008.

Where do you work?

We work in Rome and Lazio, with the possibility to extend our services to the whole Italy.

Which are the differences between a Symbolic Ceremony and a Civil/Religious one?

Traditionally, a Symbolic Ceremony is a Symbolic Wedding (sometimes it happens to organize a Symbolic Ceremony also for an Engagement, for a Birthday or for a family celebration).
A Symbolic Ceremony can also be a Renewal of Vows to celebrate a special Anniversary, a blessing or a Commitment Ceremony.
Symbolic means that there are no legal requirements, the Event does not have legal registration/legal value and it can be realized everywhere, using the fantasy to project the most impressive solutions.
A Civil/Religious Wedding in Italy requires a preliminary paperwork preparation that may be different, because of your Embassy needs.
Civil and Religious Weddings are officially registered and legalized.

How much time does it take to plan a Symbolic Ceremony?

Of course, it depends from the number of participants, the season and the services to coordinate.
If you wish to guarantee a specific date, we suggest to contact us as soon as possible to verify the availabilities.
Anyway, we are always happy to help our Customers even with a last-minute request. Our Agency is able to select and to propose the best solutions in few days: do not hesitate to contact us to discover more!

When do we need to arrive to Rome? Is there a preparation before the Symbolic Ceremony?

You can arrive here as close as your Ceremony Day is scheduled. We will already follow and complete all your needs being in touch by email and by Skype; no local preparation is required from the couple.

Will you be with us for all the duration of the Event?

Exactly! We will supervise the preparation and we will be with you during the whole Ceremony until its end.

What will you wear for the Ceremony?

We always follow the line of the event, keeping the style formal and professional. If you prefer a particular color, of course we will meet your wish.

We have a relative/a friend that would like to officiate the Ceremony. Is it possible?

Yes, it is. We can organize a coaching-session with him/her to be sure that all the parts of the Ceremony will go smooth. Anyway, we always suggest to hire a professional Celebrant, because the experience plays a big role during the event.

Are you available for a preliminary proof of the Ceremony?

Sure! Just let us know when you arrive to Rome and where is your accommodation to schedule everything. No extra charge is required for the proof.

How can we book your Wedding Celebrant service?

Just send us an email with your request and then we will provide our information and the quote to proceed.

Alessia Deiana Alexander Riger


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