Our philosophy is to take care of every Engagement / every Wedding in meticulous way, following all our Customers with a sincere interest and a real passion for all the beautiful and meaningful Events organized.

Alessia and Alexander follow each Event DIRECTLY, organizing and supervising all the steps until the Big Day.

“Alessia & Alexander Italian Wedding Planner in Rome” adopts a precise style of work that can be summarized thorough the next key words:

a friendly communication: we believe that Proposal Planners/Wedding Planners and Customers have to communicate and to collaborate in friendly way. Following an Event for several months or for a short period, the best is to establish a kind, cozy relation, made of constant updating to provide efficiently all the information required. Email, Skype meetings and fast WhatsApp communications are the ways that we use to be in touch with all our awesome Customers worldwide;

local planning: we are a local Agency of Rome and we know everything about the Eternal City and its surrounding territory (plus several niche locations all around Italy). There is a big plus in hiring a local Wedding Planning Agency: we know how the vendors work, we have a strictly selected portfolio of suppliers, we are able to interact in Italian to deal the best prices/services for you and your fabulous Italian Event;

transparent assistance: we do not take any decision before to share all the details with our Customers. Transparency is the base to build a strong and loyal relation, during which we are able to act in the full interest of our couples. We know that it is important to offer the highest assistance, to give a clear and accurate portrait during the whole process;

enthusiasm and creativity: we love to be Event Planners and to style and design every detail in creative, inspiring and stimulating way. After listening carefully to your ideas, we will develop the perfect Fil Rouge to meet your concept, then we will turn it into a flawless reality!;

full assistance: our Agency offers a full support during the entire organization process, from A to Z, until the end of your extraordinary Event. Since the first contact, you will be guided and assisted about all the aspects of your Marriage Proposal / your Wedding Day, benefiting of a full-consulting service;

interest in continuous learning: we produce Events since 2008 and we are still “hungry and foolish” about all the new cultures, traditions and wishes that we daily meet during our wonderful and privileged job as Wedding Planners. Every day we choose to work with cool and cute people from abroad and we are pleased to learn new things about their nationalities, their folklore and their expectations. Every new request is a new goal to set!;

bureaucracy: paperwork’s preparation requires a direct interaction with all the local offices, where the most of the employers are just Italian speakers. Laws can suddenly modify and it is important to have a local reference for a free-stress result. Our Agency has a wide experience with couple of many nationalities, for civil and religious ceremonies, so we can guarantee a complete and fast assistance in the bureaucracy sphere, even for the most complicated requirements;

budget planning: we are here to support you to realize your incredible Proposal / Wedding Event in Rome. We know every couple has its expectations and an estimated budget to respect: that’s why we do not book any vendor before to analyze the quality/price correlation and to forward a prompt report to our Customers. Moreover, our Agency fee is always calculated on the complexity of the Event that we are going to build. We choose to not work on fixed percentage, creating our quote based on the kind and size of the Event, the number of services that we will need to coordinate and for the period that we are asked to plan and supervise;

tailor-made: after travelling hundreds and thousands of kilometers to get engaged/to get married in the Eternal City of Rome, we fully understand that each Event has to be totally tailor-made on the couple’s needs and dreams. Passion, elegance and deep love for the details are the main elements to guarantee always an attentive and focused service. No standard packages, never! In addition, we are happy to give you and your guests all the concierge-tips that can make the staying entertaining and pleasant, suggesting special activities to enjoy the holiday.

Welcome to our magic world: everyday, we are grateful to realize romantic fairy tales of couples from all over the world!


We are glad to be in touch with Couples from all over the world that wish to live their timeless dream in the Eternal City 🙂

We have already worked with Customers from:

– Albania

– Australia

– Canada

– China

– Colombia

– Dominican Republic

– Finland

– France

– Germany

– India

– Ireland

– Japan

– Latvia

– Mexico

– Moldavia

– Panama

– Poland

– Russia

– South Africa

– Spain

– United Kingdom

– United States

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Alessia Deiana Alexander Riger


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