Laure Sophie, Queen of the Macarons!

What gives more pleasure than a “food sin”? If the tasty temptation is represented by the colored and elegant macarons of Laure Sophie Schiettecatte, even the strongest person can’t resist to them!

During the last years, these delicious French sweeties conquered hearts of the customers that interested in the new food-trends, becoming very fast the bonbons of fashionistas!

Laure Sophie and her husband Adriano have welcomed us in their laboratory to satisfy each kind of curiosity. Do you want to know more? Just continue to read our interview!

Picture by ItalianWeddingPlannerInRome

Picture by ItalianWeddingPlannerInRome

ItalianWeddingPlannerInRome: which is the relation between Italian taste and French macarons? How much are they appreciated?

Laure Sophie: since the beginning, macarons have conquered the customers because of three main characteristics: color, flavor and mono-portion, practical and comfortable to be placed and eaten during any kind of event!

Picture by ItalianWeddingPlannerInRome

Picture by ItalianWeddingPlannerInRome

ItalianWeddingPlannerInRome: a technical question: how much time do you need to prepare the macarons?

Laure Sophie: I try to concentrate on my work to produce about two thousand pieces in 2/3 days. The process is very long, especially for the shells (kind of meringues), that you have to fill with the ganache.

To produce high quality macarons you have to dedicate just to them: a normal confectionery doesn’t have time to produce so big quantities almost daily, because the chefs are busy also with other kinds of preparations.

ItalianWeddingPlannerInRome: which flavors of macarons do you prefer? What about the customers? There are salty macarons?

Laure Sophie: I love combinations of chocolate and fruit, while Adriano prefers Bronte pistacchio and liquirice, very intense but still not so sold. Customers are so different! Italians like the classic varieties, as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

Americans, British, Canadians and Australians are conquered by the mediterranean tastes, as pistacchio, limoncello, lemon and basil… Russians and French appreciate alcohol macarons, as vodka with violet flower, orange chocolate and Cointreau, champagne, rum and raisin, mojito…

Salty macarons remain very humid inside and they have to be prepared at the last moment. A good idea is white or black truffle.

Picture by ItalianWeddingPlannerInRome

Picture by ItalianWeddingPlannerInRome

ItalianWeddingPlannerInRome: why did you decide to produce macarons in Rome?

Laure Sophie: I didn’t really decide… When I moved to Italy, I didn’t work for some years and – staying at home – I’ve made a lot of cooking experiments, including macarons. As hobby, I started to bring them to a French association of friends: everybody started to ask where could they find the same amazing product, but I realized them. I opened a blog and after a website: after the first orders, almost three years ago, I’ve opened my specialized laboratory for production and selling.


Laure Sophie, has a Degree in Biology, she used her scientific knowledge while the cooking. The result is so incredible, that one of her macarons can be described as a little piece of paradise.

Laure Sophie is also official supplier for the prestigious French Academy in Rome. Just run to order these superior macarons!

Thank you so much to Laure Sophie and Adriano for the welcoming and for the rich selection to try!!!

We wish you a wonderful day, see you next post 🙂


Alessia and Alexander

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