The importance to be a LOCAL Wedding Planning Agency

Planning to marry abroad?

It is essential to have a LOCAL Wedding Planning Agency to follow the whole preparation!


Why is it so important to hire a LOCAL Agency?

Professional, LOCAL Wedding Planners must have a perfect knowledge of the area where they organize and supervise their Wedding Events.

Being LOCAL means to know what time is the rush hour, which are the best panoramic views on the city, where to find the most tasty typical food or where to shop the finest products in town…

…but it means especially:

1- to know the LOCAL mentality: how to talk and to deal to receive a high-quality service, how to explain something and how to interpretate the information received;

2- to follow the paperwork process in the most correct way: how the offices reply? What to ask? To who and where? “Do It Yourself” may seem easy, but to be sure about “how the things work” is a skill that just locals really have in very productive way;

3- to know all the hidden artistic gems that can be an amazing background for the Wedding photo-session/the Wedding video;

4- to be in touch with a network of other locals (for example, local vendors) that represent a huge plus in the Wedding preparation;

5- to know what time the light is better and where. This is an essential detail to guarantee the perfect atmosphere during a Marriage Ceremony, an Engagement Proposal etc… Basically, locals walk around the city since they born and everyday they deeply absorb the style, the colors and the details of their place, even without to realize it;

6- to manage all the Wedding preparation by the local Italian time, without any time-delay that Customers can have being in contact from abroad.


Why is it so important to hire a LOCAL Agency in ROME?

Rome is the main city in Italy, and of course the biggest.

It is a wonderful place where to grow up and where to live: all our Customers are enchanted by the idea to born and to be raised in the Eternal City!!!

On the other side, Rome is so huge and rich of opportunities that a LOCAL guide is necessary for all the couples that decide to get married here, to suggest the most efficient services, the unmissable places to visit and… to propose all the stunnings scenarios for an unforgettable Wedding Day!

Travelling from far to marry abroad can be a stressful experience without the correct help: LOCAL advices are always gold for all our guests and all our Brides and Grooms that enjoy our beautiful city of Rome!

In addition, not so many people here speak English, especially at public offices: documents preparation can’t be clear without punctual explanations and the costant update, in Italian, that LOCAL Wedding Planners can have with the bureaucracy.

Dream big, but plan LOCAL!

Have a wonderful day and see you next post 🙂


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