The importance to be a LOCAL Wedding Planning Agency

11 September 2017

Planning to marry abroad? It is essential to have a LOCAL Wedding Planning Agency to follow the whole preparation! ***** Why is it so important to hire a LOCAL Agency? Professional, LOCAL Wedding Planners must have a perfect knowledge of the area where they organize and supervise their Wedding Events. Being LOCAL means to know what time is the …


5 things to do after your Engagement

3 April 2017

You were wondering about your Engagement for such a long time, and the moment is finally arrived: what an incredible, unforgettable sensation! Best Wishes to you 🙂 Which are the steps that you are going to make right after the Engagement? 1/ Your photographer took amazing pictures during your Engagement. You were totally focused on your partner, so you needed …


Our top 10 tips to have a wonderful Destination Wedding

24 March 2017

Are you considering a Destination Wedding? A romantic elopement with your beloved one is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! To receive the best from your Destination Wedding, follow our top 10 tips here: 1. Where and when? Choose the perfect destination and the best season: which is the most suitable place where you would like to get married? Are you dreaming …


10 Great reasons to marry in Rome

28 August 2016

Rome is a wonderful, unique city, worldwide known for its artistic beauty and for the rich cultural life. Every year, the timeless, magnetic charm of Rome inspires several couples from abroad to plan a trip and get engaged/married in the Eternal City. There is no better choice! Rome definitely conquers the hearts with a fascinating …


Pretty in Pink

29 January 2016

Would you like to get married in a little unconventional way? Just do it meeting the most modern Wedding trends! For example, Wedding magazines often propose pink Wedding dresses instead of the classic white (traditionally, pink has always been a pastel color typical for bridesmaids). Pinterest Pinterest Pinterest Many brides start to love pink color as …


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