The importance to be a LOCAL Wedding Planning Agency

11 September 2017

Planning to marry abroad? It is essential to have a LOCAL Wedding Planning Agency to follow the whole preparation! ***** Why is it so important to hire a LOCAL Agency? Professional, LOCAL Wedding Planners must have a perfect knowledge of the area where they organize and supervise their Wedding Events. Being LOCAL means to know what time is the …


Dreaming of a Luxury Wedding in Rome

25 May 2017

Dreaming of a Luxury Wedding in Rome? You are in the right place! Every woman, since the childhood, dreams to have a fabulous Wedding Day: why not in Rome, the magnificent Eternal City, rich in art, beauty and history? We can suggest several customized luxury spots where to crown your fairytale Wedding: 5 star Hotels, …


Which is the best style for the photo-session?

2 April 2017

Looking for a Wedding photographer? According to your own preference, you need to know about all the varieties and possibilities in the Wedding-pictures sphere. Every photographer has a different style and method of work: it is very important to meet the professional that will fit for you in the best and most empathic way. Remember that pictures are …


Wedding Planner and Wedding Designer: discover how they can help you!

17 October 2016

Wedding Planner and Wedding Designer are two specialized professionals that can work for your Wedding in different ways: the Wedding Planner is active to organize and to coordinate the whole structure of the Event, while the Wedding Designer offers a unique, creative touch to enrich the Marriage. Sometimes the Wedding Planner and the Wedding Designer can …


Wedding in Rome: what to wear

4 October 2016

Welcome to Italy, homeland of fashion! While planning to have a Wedding in Rome, do not undervalue the style of your dress and accessories: what to wear for a special Italian Event? If you have the chance to be in Rome a couple of times before the Wedding, choose a wonderful outfit directly in the …


Why to hire a Wedding Planner for your Destination Wedding in Rome

4 October 2016

If you are dreaming about an impeccable Destination Wedding in Rome, you should hire a Wedding Planner to make your Day perfect! Which are the pros to have a Wedding Planner to take care about all the details? First of all, a local Agency knows the territory, the mentality of the people, the best and …


Rome, Wedding set under the sky!

28 January 2016

It’s wonderful to get married in Rome, enchanting Eternal City and amazing movie set where… Weddings are welcomed! Unesco just named Rome as “Creative City of Cinema“: that’s great to choose a Roman location where to celebrate a magic Wedding Day!   Credits: The New York Times   Rome, the metropolis of Cinecittà Studios, is living a …


Beautiful Sicily

18 August 2015

Beautiful Sicily…   We wish you a wonderful day, see you next post 🙂 Xoxoxo Alessia and Alexander


Alessia Deiana Alexander Riger


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