Travel with Rolling Pandas!

20 October 2019

Rolling Pandas è il sito ideale per organizzare viaggi emozionanti alla scoperta di mete meravigliose! Condividiamo con piacere la nostra intervista per il loro blog, relativa ai “Consigli per una luna di miele indimenticabile”: Grazie mille per l’opportunità! Qui trovate il sito di Rolling Pandas, per iniziare subito a pianificare la vostra prossima avventura …


Which is the best style for the photo-session?

2 April 2017

Looking for a Wedding photographer? According to your own preference, you need to know about all the varieties and possibilities in the Wedding-pictures sphere. Every photographer has a different style and method of work: it is very important to meet the professional that will fit for you in the best and most empathic way. Remember that pictures are …


Our top 10 tips to have a wonderful Destination Wedding

24 March 2017

Are you considering a Destination Wedding? A romantic elopement with your beloved one is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! To receive the best from your Destination Wedding, follow our top 10 tips here: 1. Where and when? Choose the perfect destination and the best season: which is the most suitable place where you would like to get married? Are you dreaming …


The perfect travel itinerary

12 August 2015

There is nothing more thrilling than to start a new trip! However, all the preparation can be a little bit stressful (at my signal, unleash hell…): documents, bookings, deadlines, luggages, vaccinations (and more, and more) can submerge of responsibilities that don’t let to enjoy the itinerary planned. To avoid all these problems and proceed in the …


French itinerary: our advices – Part 2

19 July 2015

For the second part of the itinerary, we move to the south of France, in the famous and luxurious area of French Riviera (Côte d’Azur). Nice, Cannes and Monaco – Monte Carlo represent an experience of sun, sea, exclusivity and – if you would like to try it – also some funny “VIP watching”! Typical …


French itinerary: our advices – Part 1

12 July 2015

France makes me immediately think about the giant Tour Eiffel, the pretty bohemian style, the delicious cheeses and wines, “La vie en Rose”, the Haute Couture… To live your best French travel-experience, there are some essential stages that it’s absolutely impossible to miss. Our first itinerary is a classic one: Paris (how could be different!), …


Itineraries for an unforgettable Honeymoon

30 June 2015

Honeymoon is a very important step for each “Just Married Couple”. Possibilities to choose are infinite, but it’s fundamental to focus the most valuable itinerary for the spouses. Some of them would prefer to have fun, others to relax, others to learn new things and meet different cultures: every need is so intimate and different! …


Most trendy destinations of 2015

27 June 2015

A short post about our five most trendy destinations of 2015: Bali Enchanting Indonesian island where to feel a high level of spirituality, it’s a wonderful place to start with yoga, massages and the deep searching of the inner balance. Porto Montenegro While Croatia confirms as much requested, especially during the summer season, Montenegro still …


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