We are Wedding Officiants in Rome

We are Alessia and Alexander, not only Wedding Planners/Wedding Designers but also Wedding Officiants and Celebrants in Italy, both certified from the American Marriage Ministries.

Tailor-made and Customized Symbolic Wedding Ceremonies

For a romantic elopement to Italy, we suggest a meaningful, personal and intimate Symbolic Ceremony to represent your best experience!
Your Symbolic Wedding Ceremony will be highly customized, tailor-made on your dreams. You can get married without to provide any official document, saving money and lots of time for the organization. All the details will be planned on your wishes, according to the choice of a stunning location (indoor or outdoor, private or public area), to the guests’ presence (or not), to the Fil Rouge decided for the whole Event…
A Symbolic Wedding attests the determination of the couple to create a strong union, underlined by the presence of innovative elements as poems, readings, songs, significant actions and a ceremonial speech written about the love-story.

Our service as Wedding Officiants and Celebrants includes:

  • all the email contacts and Skype meetings necessary to prepare the best Ceremony for you;
  • our full consulting to make the Ceremony extraordinary (contact and coordination of the vendors);
  • Symbolic Ceremony organization and supervision (Ceremony lasts approximately 30 minutes);
  • presence of an Officiant/Celebrant speaking English, Russian or Italian (a Celebrant/translator speaking a different language will require an extra fee);
  • writing of the Ceremonial Speech and consulting about the Symbolic Wedding Vows;
  • printing of the Ceremonial Speech and of the Vows with font, color and kind of paper on your choice;
  • a beautiful complimentary Symbolic Marriage Certificate;
  • the complimentary pen that you will use to sign the Symbolic Marriage Certificate.

* Please notice that a Symbolic Wedding/Symbolic Ceremony does not have legal and/or religious values.

We work in Rome and Lazio with couples from all over the world. As Officiants/Celebrants, we are available in all the Italy with an extra fee on the regular quote to cover the transfers.
Our service as Wedding Officiants and Celebrants does not include all the vendors’ fee.

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